Biggest travel gripes

Travel insurance comparison service, conducted a survey with flight delays, not enough leg room and long luggage waits topping the list of Australia’s biggest travel complaints. Nearly 75% of respondents named delays and cancellations as their top gripe with not enough leg room on planes coming second and long waits to reclaim baggage in third place. Over a third said people putting their seats back on planes is a serious annoyance and another third found crying babies unbearable over long distances. Spokesperson for Compare The Market said “Aussies can be an impatient bunch when they head off on hols and suggest annoyances change with age as almost half 25 to 35 year olds said no internet was their idea of holiday hell; and the 55 to 65 age group said not having TV in their hotel room and overly expensive food and drinks were the most annoying.” Check out your travel insurance options on