The Bee Gees “Stayin Alive” at Redcliffe

In the late 1950s three brothers living on the Redcliffe Peninsula gathered around a microphone and performed for the first time using a name that is now famous around the world. In 1958 they played their first gig at Redcliffe Speedway and received their first airplay on radio 4BH. Over following decades Barry,Robin and Maurice Gibb took their place among the world’s greatest recording artists and the Bee Gees Way at Redcliffe, opened in 2015 by only surviving brother Barry is a tribute in the Moreton Bay Region they called home. It’s free and open all the time; consisting of a life-sized statue (complete with bare feet as Barry requested); more than 60 photographs and album covers, 70 metre mural, copy of the contract with speedway promoter Bill Goode and radio announcer Bill Gates, signed in 1959 on the kitchen table of their Redcliffe home.